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Shared Boys Room

I've been meaning to post photos of the boys' shared room, but I couldn't because...TWO BOYS. I guess it wouldn't have mattered because I've rearranged their room a handful of times since Henry was born.

I wanted the room to be as simple, spacious, and clutter-free as humanly possible. We ditched the black-brown furniture that Owen had before and opted for lighter colors.

Owen's room was Star Wars-themed, but I wanted to change that up as well. Ralph's favorite Disney movie is "Peter Pan", so we went for a minimalist/Peter Pan look.

Though Henry doesn't sleep in his crib at night yet (he's still nursing and isn't sleep-trained), we use it for his daytime naps and playtime. We'll probably spare Owen of having a roommate until Henry turns a year old.

I shared a photo similar to this one on Instagram, and I got a looot of comments about there being two raccoons. People thought I made a mistake, but it was completely intentional. The a…

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