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Perfect Baby Gift Sets + GIVEAWAY with

Last Easter, I made an Easter basket for Owen. I filled it with chocolates, snacks, and little toys; and he loved it so much that I promised that I'd make him one every year. With the arrival of his baby brother and me getting a new job where I work Saturday evenings, I wasn't sure if I would have enough time to do it...not to mention that I'd also have to make one for Henry!

Luckily, has the perfect gift set for Easter. I would say it's a "shared" gift for the boys. Giving them their own Easter baskets would just be a nice bonus! is a website that sells pre-made gift sets for babies. Think of these sets as modernized gift baskets. And since Easter is coming up, I got the boys the Peter Rabbit themed bundle.

This particular set came with a Peter Rabbit plush, a board book of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit",  and stacking blocks with pictures and quotes from the book.

There are many different kinds of gift sets availab…

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