Going to the Beach with Lassig

Monday, June 3, 2019

This is definitely the Monday-est of Mondays because Ralph goes back to work today after being off the whole week last week. He always requests Memorial Day week off, and we always do these three things: 1) Trip(s) to Disneyland/California Adventure, 2) Breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen, and 3) A trip to the beach.

The first time we went to the beach as a family of five was on Mother's Day, and we had NO IDEA what the heck we were getting ourselves into. For one, we weren't prepared. At all. We basically said, "Let's go get coffee and donuts and go to Huntington Beach Dog Park," and did just that. We didn't dress the kids in swimwear, we didn't bring towels, and the beach we chose was a bit of a walk from the parking lot...and all the dogs kept coming up to us because of the donuts. *Face palm* (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dogs, but I don't love it when they come trampling all over me, my kids, and our stuff with wet sandy paws.)

But yesterday, beach day, we were prepared. We ordered some products from Lassig, and they definitely made the trip a lot better. (We also went to Laguna Beach, and the walk from our car was MUCH easier/closer. And it's not a beach for dogs. Heh.)

This is Gracie's second time at the beach (first was Mother's Day), and she was less than thrilled. Ralph and I kept telling her that the "ocean sounds" were loud and clear, but I think she prefers the synthetic kind, haha. But look at her in her first bathing suit (from Lassig)! It is a two-piece tankini, and I cannot wait until she gets a little bit bigger and her belly pokes out!

Henry also wasn't having it (in the beginning). It's entirely our fault, honestly... We live in Southern California, less than 20 minutes away from the beach, and we don't go as often as we should. The last time we had a full beach experience was when we went to Aulani in October, but can you blame me? It was "winter" (lame excuse, I know), and I was the size of a whale (good excuse, I was pregnant with Gracie).

I feel like Henry's going to be more of a pool person, but once we sat him on the sand and gave him a few toys to play with, he was totally fine. From Lassig, we got Henry a simple rashguard. Perfect for matching with any of his swim trunks!

Now Owen, well, he was born to be in the water. He'll jump at the chance to take a bubble bath, go to the pool, play with his water table... This kid just loves the water.

My favorite thing that we ordered from Lassig was this beach poncho/towel. You can use it as a towel, but the boys mainly used it to keep warm and to protect themselves from the sun.

The boys had so much fun playing in the sand. They even dared to go with their dad at one point to play in the water; but the waves were so unpredictable yesterday, so that was short-lived. And even though it was beach day, we still got our donuts because...Sunday.

No donuts for you, Gracie Girl. Just milk!

It was a fun day, and we're so bummed that it's time to get back into our normal routine. But now that we have some sweet swimwear and beach ponchos, I see us going back to the beach a lot more frequently.

Here are the links to the Lassig products in this post:

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***Disclaimer: The products showcased in this post were gifted to us by Lassig. All opinions are 100% my own.***

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